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JTA Special Aircraft “AMURO JET” to Begin Flights in Japan


JTA Special Aircraft “AMURO JET” to Begin Flights in Japan
~ `Thanks Namie` A Message from Okinawa ~


Okinawa May 14, 2018: Japan Transocean Air (JTA/NU), an Okinawan airline and a subsidiary of the Japan Airlines (JAL) Group, announced that a specially designed aircraft called “AMURO JET” will begin operating domestic flights starting today. The aircraft will feature an image of the famous Japanese artist, Namie Amuro, on its fuselage.


Namie was originally from Okinawa and has been one of the top artists in Japan for 25 years. The announcement of her retirement in 2018 has been shocking to fans in Japan and to fans around the world. JTA, as an Okinawan airline, approached the artist to feature the “AMURO JET” in appreciation of her career, which was kindly accepted.


JTA would like to support Namie and the people of Okinawa through the operation of this aircraft through September 16, 2018, when Namie will officially retire as an artist.


Overview of JTA “AMURO JET”
Service Period:   May 14, 2018 to September 2018 (Tentative Schedule)

Aircraft:               Boeing 737-800 (73H / Registration JA07RK / Seating Capacity 165)

Service Routes:  JTA Domestic Routes in Japan;
Tokyo (Haneda) = Kumejima / Miyako / Ishigaki
Okinawa (Naha) = Nagoya (Chubu) / Osaka (Kansai) / Fukuoka /Kumejima / Miyako / Ishigaki

For details, https://amurojet.jta-okinawa.com (in Japanese only)

First Flight:        May 14, 2018 flight ‘NU058’ Okinawa (Naha) to Fukuoka
Depart Okinawa (Naha) at 3:10PM
Arrive at Fukuoka at 4:55PM